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Stalked: Dale for Dark Knight and Sabertooth for Wolverine?

AlanDale.jpgIs Sabertooth in Wolverine prequel and an ex Neighbours, 24, O.C., Lost and Ugly Betty star in The Dark Knight?

Alan Dale might well be starring as another bad guy in The Dark Knight. According to rumours from Batman on Film through Obsessed With Film, the ex Neighbours, 24, O.C., Lost and Ugly Betty star is reported to have almost signed the deal to star as Salvatore Maroni. Now for those of you who know Batman that name will mean quite a lot to you, and especially in relation to Harvey Dent...could he be?

Sabertooth might be returning to the Wolverine film as the actor Tyler Mane lets slip that he's in discussions for the role. While talking on MTV he revealed that there are discussions ongoing. Well Vinnie Jones said that before of Juggernaut, but really Sabertooth would fit better with the whole genesis idea, don't you think? The comments come from an interview with MTV through Superhero Hype.



I'm sure I heard somewhere that the X-Men spin offs have been shelved.

It would only make sense that Sabertooth is in the Wolverine movie because those two have a past that goes way back.


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