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Stalked: Gisele in Angels & Demons, Gooding Jr. and Liotta as Heroes

GiseleBundchen.jpgCuba Gooding Jr. and Ray Liotta in Hero Wanted and the model Gisele Bündchen could be set for Angels & Demons, the follow up to The Da Vinci Code.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon both Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ray Liotta will be starring in a film called Hero Wanted. It tells the story of a garbage collector who stages a bank robbery so that he can be the hero and save the day to appear all heroic in front of the woman he loves who just so happens to work at the bank. Sad thing is he's double crossed and the team make off with the money, now he's off to seek revenge. Brian Smrz is set to direct.

Gisele Bündchen is rumoured to be starring in The Da Vinci Code film sequel but book prequel, Angels & Demons. It is a huge rumour of course and comes from one of those annoying sources through Cinema Blend. Frankly though, I doubt it would be anything but a bit part, could you see Ron Howard casting her for a lead after the calibre of actors cast in the first film? I certainly can't, and this story is the stronger one of the two.



HAHAHAHAHA I was laughing at that comment on Gisele's publicity photo. Naughty you! ;)

With all due respect, can she even act? I know she's eye candy but come on, I know Angels and Demons is not going to be a classic film but surely some acting experience is required?


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