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Stalked: Gyllenhaal for Spider-Man and Captain America, Speed Racer auditions

JakeGyllenhaal.jpgMore Stalked casting rumours, both of which require salt mines. Jake Gyllenhaal is either going to be the new Spider-Man or Captain America, and Zac Efron from High School Musical could be Speed Racer...salt people, salt...

Zac Efron from the High School Musical show has apparently been auditioning for the lead for the live action version of Speed Racer by the Wachowski Brothers. According to JustJared through dtheatre he had a day off the High School Musical 2 so he could audition.

Well he's just auditioning at the moment, so it's a long way off, but the guy could fit the part and he's also appearing in the musical Hairspray so he's getting exposure. However who knows who else turned up for the audition.

Here's the biggie. A rumour from a New York Daily News source through SciFI Wire claims that Jake Gyllenhaal is being looked to for the lead in the Captain Marvel film Shazam!.

Apparently New Line are willing to through US$200 million to get the project off the ground and the story claims that the filmmakers want to grab Gyllenhaal before he is picked up to play Spider-Man in the installments of the franchise after Tobey Maguire leaves.

Now just looking at that column you can see it's filled with Hollywood rumour and star gossip, not typically solid news sources, but it's an interesting one. You could actually see Gyllenhaal being an older Parker, and you could well see him standing tall as a costumed superhero. Yet would he?



That's a lot of salt Richard! I do use a reduced sodium salt alternative, and it's good for your health! :D

I have seen Zac Efron from HSM merely out of curiousity and he seemed to act okay, just a question, Speed Racer will not exactly ask him to sing would they?

I highly doubt that Jake will play Spiderman. No particular reason, I just dont think so.


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