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Stalked: Macht in Whiteout and Dunst is Blondie

GabirleMacht.jpgGabriel Macht is joining Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout, and Kirsten Dunst confirms that she is to play Debbie Harry aka Blondie, surprise.

Gabriel Macht is joining Kate Beckinsale in the Whiteout thriller which is an adaptation of the comic book written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Steve Lieber. It focuses on the only US Marshal in Alaska who has three days to solve a murder before the dark winter begins, and by dark we mean dark. According to Variety through Rope of Silicon Macht is playing a U.N. operative who is also investigating the murder, which means that things are getting pretty big and serious in the tale.

Kirsten Dunst has confirmed that she is set to play Debbie Harry in a film of...well, we don't really know what yet because although she confirmed the role is on her list at ShoWest, she didn't have any information on the script. The story comes from Variety through Rope of Silicon, confirming the rumour we heard way back in October. The same question remains, she looks the part, but can she sing.



I know I have seen Macht somewhere before but couldnt place it, not until I hit the link that I realised where.


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