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Stalked: More Fireflies in the Garden and MTV wants your sister

WillemDafoe.jpgMTV wants to do things with your sister and Fireflies in the Garden grabs even more big names.

Ensemble films are in just now and Fireflies in the Garden is the latest to pick up a big cast. Joining today are Willem Dafoe, Hayden Panettiere, Shannon Lucio, Ioan Gruffudd and George Newbern who are getting on board with Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds, Carrie Anne Moss and Emily Watson.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the film looks at a family who are torn apart when a tragic event occurs. It's a semi-autobiographical story written and directed by Dennis Lee.

Are you a fan of ensemble films? Do they do anything over and above a normal production for you other than hype, obviously before you see the film! Are they all just hype and too crowded with big names and egos?

MTV Films have bought a new script from ex-lawyer Melissa Stack. The film is called I Want to ____ Your Sister, which pretty much tells you what it's about. The comedy looks at a brother who goes to great lengths to protect his sister from prying eyes and wandering hands.

Sounds like it might end up a comedy vehicle for a comedian who's career has been on the slide and it will be filled with bodily function jokes. Not a film I'm really looking forward too, but an interesting title and concept.



I think the type of ensemble film that appeals to me the most will be those with not so many big named stars so it doesnt feel too overwhelming, unless the members of cast are willing to downplay themselves.


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