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Stalked: Night of the Living Dorks remake and the Incan Black Path

DieNachtderlebendenLoser.jpgGerman comedy Night of the Living Dorks is set for a remake in Hollywood, and an Incan treasure is to cause people to murder each other in The Black Path.

King of the remakes Roy Lee is producing another one for Warner Independent Pictures, this time it's the German comedy Night of the Living Dorks otherwise known as Die Nacht der lebenden Loser, which is a cracking title. Chris Bishop is writing the US script from the original by Mathias Dinter. The film is touted as Revenge of the Nerds meets Shaun of the Dead by The Hollywood Reporter who have the story.

Expect descendants of the Incan civilisation to be upset next as a fictional film is made based on a true story of the Incan treasure of Atahualpa which is believed to be cursed and has never been found. Henry Jones will write the script of The Black Path which tells the story of a novelist who locates the legendary treasure, slowly the search party begin to murder each other in an attempt to stake a claim on the treasure, and the curse becomes real. The story comes froim Variety through Coming Soon.



Night of the Living Dorks was a pretty decent film, sort of a John Hughes 80's teen flick as a zombie movie. There is a special ring of hell reserved for Roy Lee.

YUp, surprisingly, I actually really liked it too. It's not amazing or groundbreaking, but it's got some great moments. It doesn't hurt that the main girl in the film is pretty damn good looking.

I have a full review available:



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