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Stalked: Reaping site and Mussolini's illegitimate son

TheReaping.jpgThe Reaping gets a new site, and the tale of Mussolini's illegitimate son is coming to the big screen.

Marco Bellocchio is set to bring an Italian tragedy to the big screen, the story of the fascist dictator Mussolini's illegitimate son. According to Variety through Hot Movie News the child was born out of wedlock before the dictator took power in 1922, named Benito his mother was Ida Dalser. Mussolini apparently hid both mother and child in asylums where the both died before the execution of the dictator in 1945, Benito in 1942 and Dalser in 1937.

The Reaping has an updated website, the usual age verification applies, just put in a correct address and grab a zip code like 94116. It contains the trailer, downloads and photos, as well as a nice plague ridden site. Through Coming Soon, you can also hit the APlagueonYou.com and send someone you don't like that much a horrible plague...nice.



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