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Stalked: Swank, Mirrors, Cruise, Chow, Murphy

HilarySwank.jpgQuite a few updates on the casting and development front, and I thought I'd try and lump them altogether and see if you preferred it that way.

Hilary Swank looks set to start on the remake train as she gets into producing a French film made in 2004, Confidences trop intimes.

Paula Patton, who you would remember as the female lead in Déjà Vu, has joined the horror remake Mirrors.

Tom Cruise is being rumoured as heading to comedy with the Director of Old School, me I can't see it myself, but maybe it's true.

Stephen Chow's latest film has been picked up for North America.

The Creepy Kid sounds like a weird mix of horror and comedy.

Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys have joined the cast of the Dylan Thomas film, the famous Welsh poet.

Read on for the full details...

Hilary Swank is working on developing a remake of the film Confidences trop intimes (Intimate Strangers) adapted by Jérôme Tonnerre and directed by Patrice Leconte. Swank is looking to produce and star in the film. It's the story of a woman who believes she is going to visit her new pshychiatrist but actually ends up baring her intimate details to an accountant. The story comes from Variety.

Paula Patton, who played the female lead in Déjà Vu, has signed on for Alexandre Aja's next horror remake, Mirrors, which is also starring Keifer Sutherland, she'll be playing his wife. The story is about a department store security guard who finds that there is something terribly evil hiding in the mirrors of the store. He goes on a hunt to find out what it is and traces the events back to when the building was used as a mental hospital and finds that the soul of schizophrenic patient is trapped inside the mirrors. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Rumour has it that Tom Cruise may be starring in a comedy called Men which is set to be directed by Todd Phillips from a script by Alan Loeb. The story comes from IGN through Ace Showbiz News, although I really find it hard to believe that Cruise is looking to star in a comedy from the director of Old School. Nothing against it all, but Cruise seems to be taking his career in a very deliberate direction just now, and it's not comedy, it's character based strong acting roles.

Stephen Chow's A Hope is set to receive North American distribution from Sony Pictures according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is a fantasy comedy about labourer and his son who have a strange but enlightening encounter with their new pet. Once again the film features some great visuals. If you haven't seen his Kung Fu Hustle (Filmstalker review) then I highly recommend doing so.

The Creepy Kid is a speculative comedy script from Ethan Furman and Adam Farasati that has just been bought by DreamWorks and Montecito Pictures according to The Hollywood Reporter. It has been described as Big Daddy meets The Exorcist, and other than that the details are being kept very quiet. Sounds bizarre.

Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys has joined Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley for The Best Time of Our Lives, the film about the friendship of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife, and his wife's close friend and husband. Rhys looks set to play Thomas with Lohan playing his wife, Knightley playing the friend Vera and Murphy her husband. The news comes from Variety through Coming Soon. It's strange that the casting has carried round that way, I would have expected the opposite, having the acting couples swapped round so Knightley and Cillian were playing the poet and his wife.



Talk about filmstalking Richard! :D

I have never been more excited for Tom like this before. I'd like to see him do all sorts of films and roles and show us his range as an actor.


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