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Stalked: Tokyo Stories and Road Work Crews fight aliens!

Book.jpgStalked today are two interesting stories, one about a new film called Tokyo which will look at the city through the eyes of three strong directors in separate stories, and the other being an exciting new script about alien fighting road work crews!

Directors Michael Gondry, Leos Carax and Bong Joon-ho are set to each write and direct a segment of a new film entitled Tokyo. The film will feature three individual stories telling separate tales of the city. Basically, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be like New York Stories, but set in Tokyo.

The Secret Lives of Road Crews is a script that has just been optioned by DreamWorks and sounds like it could have a fair amount of scope in it. The story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, revolves around a clandestine group of road crew works who are actually the last line of defense against a subterranean alien race. How cool does that sound? A barrel of laughs I'd say, and it seems like it might just get made too. So the idea is that all these roadworks would be hiding battles against the invading underground army! Come on, you're interested now.



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