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Stalked: We knew Dougray is in Hitman and Griffen crashes producer's Enzo

DougrayScott.jpgWe knew Dougray Scott was in Hitman, and Eddie Griffen crashes his Producer's million dollar Enzo Ferrari.

A quick update, it seems to be going round the web that Dougray Scott is in Hitman playing the baddie/goodie chasing after Timothy Olyphant, and if you've been reading Filmstalker you'd have known that seventeen days ago.

Daniel Sadek is a man with too much money. He's a producer of the film Redline starring the comedian Eddie Griffen. Not only did he provide his own money for the film's budget, but he also allowed one of his two US$200,000 Porsche's to be destroyed on film. Now Griffen has wrecked a limited edition Ferrari that he owned.

The news is that while preparing for a celebrity racing event to promote Redline, Griffen drove Sadek's Ferrari into a track barrier. From the sounds of the story over at The Scotsman it was a low speed crash and Griffen was unhurt.

Wow, this man does have way too much cash. If he can fund the film, lose a Porsche, and have his million dollar Enzo Ferrari crashed all in the name of this one movie, you've got to wonder how much he's worth!



Yeah, I ran across this story on TMZ. There's no way I'd let Griffen drive an Enzo. Inexperienced drivers with exotic cars = bad results.

I'm sure Ferrari lovers are pissed because there was only a limited amount of Enzos made and now that number is one less.

I follow Autoblog and they've had stories now about three crashed...or was it four...either way that's a fair amount to be lost. Just pushes up the resale value for the more careful or trained drivers.


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