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Stalked: Whitaker and Reeves, Cusack and Slater, Tiananmen to Palestine

ForestWhitaker.jpgForest Whitaker joins Keanu Reeves, John Cusack is replacing Christian Slater on Igor, and the Director banned for his Tiananmen Square film turns to Palestine next.

Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to star in the film The Night Watchmen alongside Keany Reeves and directed by the very strong Director David Ayer.

The Reeves part of the story isn't that interesting to me, but the news of Whitaker and Ayer together certainly is. Ayer Wrote and Directed Harsh Times and wrote Training Day, need I say more? Well I will, the story comes from an idea by James Ellroy and tells the story of an alcoholic cop played by Reeves who goes up against his mentor, played by Whitaker, when he is implicated in the shooting of a fellow officer. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

John Cusack is replacing Christian Slater as the lead on the CGI comedy Igor according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film follows Igor who is a gifted scientist born with a hunch back, and who is forced to serve a cruel scientist called Doctor Glickenstein. The voice cast already includes such names as Jeremy Piven, Jay Leno, Steve Buscemi and John Cleese.

Lou Ye is the director of Yihe yuan (Summer Palace), a film that centers around the events of Lo Square, has been banned by Chinese authorities after he showed the film in Cannes without their permission. His next film is due to start just after the five year ban is lifted and he's heading for an equally controversial topic, Palestine. The Last Hour is a play by Palestinian writer Mazen Saadeh. The story comes from The Guardian.



I thought Cusack was going to be working with Slater.

As if I wasn't already sold on this, now they're talking about bringing on an Oscar winner? Wow.


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