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Stalked: Zombie radio horror and teen assassin

CorbinBernsen".jpg"Corbin Bernsen, known for many smaller roles but probably best for his turn in the series L.A. Law, is to direct a horror film written by a new screenwriter Kenneth Yakkel. The film will tell the story of how a radioshow team attempts to warn its listeners after a huge explosion starts a zombie epidemic in the city. The news from Variety is that Bill Moseley and Pat Tallman will star with Bersen taking a small role himself. Sounds quite interesting, and if the action remains inside the studio we might find a very claustraphobic effect that recreates a similar feel to Signs perhaps.

Here's another interesting announcement. A new film called Hanna will portray a fourteen year old girl who has been trained to be a lethal assassin being reprogrammed and trying to behave as the girl that she really is. Variety have the take that this is the reverse of the story Léon, whereas it sounds more like a younger version of the film Nikita which tells the story of a woman trained to be an assassin trying to break free and lead a normal life.



Did I mention I like Zombie flicks? SOunds good. I'll be there... again.


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