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Stardust HD trailer online

Stardust.jpgThe proper trailer for Stardust is now online, not the previous released footage, but a proper trailer with an HD version as well.

I haven't been able to watch it as yet (new laptop with Vista premium and a few teething problems to story out) so I'm leaving it to you again to watch and tell everyone else just what it looks like. Hopefully I'll be able to later today too.

Thanks to the excellent Bits of News, here are the links of the trailers:

Yahoo Movies have the trailer in Quicktime Medium, Quicktime 480p HD, 720p HD and 1080p HD.

You can even see it right here...



Vista?? Noooooo!!!!

I'm telling you man, make the transition to Mac. I got one of the new dual-core MacBooks a while ago and it's a whole other world. Specifically a world that doesn't melt down every 30 minutes... hehehe

And I thought ISO was commenting on the trailer! LOL

I read from your blog that you have a new Mac, been meaning to ask you about it cause I was looking to get one myself, thanks for inadvertently sharing! ;)

As for the trailer Richard, it looks great, and Pfeiffer still looking gorgeous. Finally saw O' Toole too.

You know I've had XP on both my desktops for ages, on one for years, and I don't have any problems. None.

It's all very well saying go to MAC, but all the applications I use are on the PC, so why would I?

I'm downloading the 1080p trailer right now...

Yeah you'll have to forgive me. Switching to Mac does terrible things to some people. The only situation I can compare it to is quitting smoking. Ever encountered someone who's quit smoking and become really self-righteous about it? They get in other peoples faces and tell them what a disgusting habit it is, and then run off at the mouth about how they beat it and are SOOO much better off? It's almost the same thing, except Windows doesn't give you cancer.

I'm driving my girlfriend nuts, trust me.

That's a cracking comparison...although are you sure that Windows doesn't give you cancer? ;)


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