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Statham to star in Death Race 3000?

JasonStatham.jpgLooks like one of my favourite action actors could well be taking up another iconic role, well if the talks go to plan. Jason Statham is negotiating to star in Death Race 3000, the remake of Death Race 2000 by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Chances are that Statham will be taking up one of the leads, and it sounds great, but there's a number of concerns. The first is that it's Anderson and the second is that it's a remake of a cult classic. I wonder if Statham has considered that while he's been thinking of whether or not to take the role.

The news comes from Latino Review through Moviehole.

He's always taking roles that he's comfortable in, roles that suit the character he's always played, and yet I do think there's a lot more to this actor than simply the action star. We're seeing this move yet again as he may well be appearing in a Transporter 3 film, and as much as I love that franchise, I wonder if it's time for him to try some roles outwith his action safety zone.

What do you think of Statham? Is there more to him than action, or should he just stick to that genre?



He definitely needs to expand the type of roles he takes if he wants to expand and grow as an actor. However, I love seeing him in those mindless action movies. The Transporter movies were fun and Crank was great. Whether or not he takes the role doesn't matter. We'll be seeing him in many more films to come.


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