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Stephen Fry to write Dam Busters film

StephenFry.jpgStephen Fry looks set to be the writer behind the remake of the classic wartime film The Dam Busters simply called Dambusters.

Fry said himself that the remake is going ahead with Peter Jackson and he spoke from New Zealand where he currently is working with Jackson himself:

"It's a new film on the subject of the dam buster raid in 1943, with Barnes Wallis developing his famous bouncing bomb, the training of the squadron, and the raid itself...

...I'm writing a script for Peter in New Zealand, and for David Frost who's an executive producer. I loved the original, so this is great for me."

Is the quote from Teletext. He does say that he is sure we will remember the classic 1954 original with Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave. Indeed, it is a complete classic.

It is interesting that Fry has been chosen for the writing, I'd class him as one of the most intellectual and witty men I've ever seen on screen, and his writing includes some superb television, with Bright Young Things being his main screenplay.

I think he'll be a great choice for the film, but can the film really retain the great feelings of the original through all the effects that will be poured upon it? I suppose one thing is true, we'll see a much less romanticised version of the story.



Have not seen the original but will certainly watch it now.


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