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Straightheads cast interviews

Straightheads.jpgStraightheads stars Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer as a couple who are caught in an incredibly violent attack. Through the pain, fear and anger they decide to enact revenge on those that committed the crimes against them, and they go on a dangerous and hateful act of vengeance.

The trailer looks very strong, and I'm getting more and more impressed with Dyer as well as the new found English voiced talents of Anderson. The official film blog has been providing some great information so far, and today the writer/director Dan Reed gives us some more information in the way of three video interviews and a behind the scenes clip.

The behind the scenes isn't that interesting, but the interviews are, and I had to laugh at Dyer explaining how his "missus" doesn't like him doing sex scenes, but she has to lump it because...I'll let him explain...

You can see all the clips over at the official blog, or the three interviews are here...

Danny Dyer on Preparing for a sex scene

Gillian Anderson talks about the party scene

Gillian Anderson on owning the role



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