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Sunshine gets seen in UK

Sunshine.jpgDanny Boyle's Sunshine was shown to a group of writers in England the other evening, and much as I'm pissed that I didn't see it because I wasn't invited - I mean how do they choose who does get to see the films? - I can't not tell you about some people who have, and what their initial thoughts are.

The writers over at Solace in Cinema managed to get to see the film and they were blown away by it. Unfortunately they don't have a review yet, I'll let you know when they do, but they do manage to come up with some initial thoughts.

...the film looks beautiful...there was more than a couple of moments that visually took my breath away and had me literally in awe of what I was seeing...a second and third act that had me on the edge of my seat right up until the end. I think the last film I was this tense in was ‘The Descent’ and that was almost too much to bear, and I loved it.

Wow, those are good words, and much more than both they, and I, expected from the film. The trailers have looked superb to date and it sounds like the film is going to live up to them. Here's to the review when it comes.

It's also great to see more films coming out in the UK before the US, I really am liking that!



I can't wait for this!

"I mean how do they choose who does get to see the films?"

Hmmmm... The first step might be: have a visible email address on your site so people can contact you *off* the blog...


Oh this is interesting, I'm losing notifications of comments. I never saw this come through.

Gia, in response to your comment it's easy. See the sidebar section marked SITE NAVIGATION? Just select ADMIN and you'll see plenty of contact options for me, FAQ has a similar section. It's not that difficult!


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