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Supergirl script and actress rumours

TriciaHelfer.jpgWell here's a surprising rumour this morning, Supergirl is to make a return to the big screen and actresses are already being touted for the role, one name in particular is mentioned in this latest rumour but there has to be bucket loads of salt taken with this one as the Supergirl rumours come flying around quite regularly.

Apparently though, this time it's more concrete than others with a script being commissioned and ladies being approached - I mean by agents and such like, not just on the streets in a nefarious sort of way!

According to JoBlo, a source has indicated that Tricia Helfer has been approached for the role, amongst others. Helfer is best known for her role as the super sexy Cylon in the phenomenally good Battlestar Galactica.

Frankly though, I don't see this working. Look at the problems they are having with Wonder Woman, something that I think is a lot more than just not finding the right script. I think that there's a problem bringing a female superhero to the big screen.

Now before anyone gets upset, what I mean by that is there's just not a strong enough female superhero franchise to compete with the ones of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. Supergirl, certainly in cinematic terms, is seen as a very camp and poor cousin to Superman, and Wonder Woman carries just as much baggage in terms of the TV outing.

What I feel is that they're either going to have to go totally camp and cheesy to bring a big screen female superhero to life, or create an original one and make her as strong from the start as the male superhero franchises.

Still, the rumour is out there and they could surprise me. Personally I just don't see it though, and after playing so long in a damn good dramatic role for TV, I don't see Helfer wanting to do Supergirl. I would expect her to try and get some prominent dramatic film roles.



I agree with you, I'm not sure Supergirl is something we're going to be seeing soon. However, Helfer in a lead role would be great. Perhaps if they colour her hair she can take over in the Wonder Woman role?

Marina, my thoughts exactly. ;) Pun intended!


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