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Tale of Two Sisters remake gets scripted?

ATaleofTwoSisters.jpgThe remake of the Korean horror A Tale of Two Sisters has gone quiet for some time, although today there's a little rumour appeared about the script.

According to Bloody Disgusting they've heard that a draft script is going around written by Craig Rosenberg, the man who wrote the Demi Moore starrer Half Light.

The story is about two sisters, with me so far? Who have spent some time in a mental institution and have now returned home to their father and cruel stepmother. When they get home though they find a ghost has also set up in the house, and they all start hampering the girls recovery.

Not having seen Half Light I can't comment on his recent abilities, but I hadn't heard great things about the film. There's no word on anything else happening on the project, and it looks like a completed film is a long way off yet.



I saw Half light. It looked nice, but it was dreadfully predictable and, well wretched. I hated it immensely. :D


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