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The Blob remake updated

TheBlob.jpgThe Blob has been remade already, but there's talk of another and screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes have been tasked with the writing of the script, and they've been talking about the changes.

The original of The Blob was from 1958 and starred a young Steve McQueen in the lead. The remake in 1988 was pretty similar to the original and starred Kevin Dillon. This version seems to have some serious changes to it though:

"It’s a B.L.O.B: Biological Lethal Organic Bomb. It was created by our own government in the 50s, they beta tested it, it almost got out of control, but they confined it. Now it’s back. But it’s a fast blob, there’s nothing slow, it’s got major attitude. It’s like Shaun of the Dead or Tremors."

That sounds promising, the slow moving big blob of the original really wasn't that scary I found, and it really was a B-movie, how McQueen went onto great things from that is a testament to the strength of his acting and on screen persona. However, over at Bloody Disgusting they have more news on the remake, they say that the actors went onto say that this will be an ensemble cast with a female lead.

Well I hope that these changes are not just changes for change sake, just to show that this is not just a remake, and that these are strong and valid changes to make a better story. The remake is still up in the air though, after all there's only a script so far, will it ever get made, and frankly does anyone want to see it?



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