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The Departed criticised by Boston gang survivors

TheDeparted.jpgThere's another story of film invading on true life today as we hear that various people are unhappy with The Departed (Filmstalker review) and the portrayal of the real life Boston mob boss and his victims.

Once again, just like the anti-300 petition story, it's a bit baffling since this is actually a story that was written in Asia and nothing to do with Boston or the mob. Since it has been so literally translated across to the new setting of Boston, I would guess the natural assumption is that it talks about the famous Irish mob boss of Boston, James "Whitey" Bulger, a man indicted for nineteen murders and who is still on the run from 1994. Yet the story for The Departed is from the Hong Kong (sorry my mistake earlier, thanks logboy) film Infernal Affairs (Filmstalker review).

According to the story in Reuters some are feeling exploited and short changed by the film.

Others simply refuse to see Hollywood's version of the life of fugitive gangster James "Whitey" Bulger

"The movie gives this hero worship to this creature," said Christopher McIntyre, 47, whose brother was murdered by Bulger's gang in 1984. He said he has not seen the film because it would be "very painful".

"For eight hours, they strapped him in a chair and cut pieces off him. He begged for a bullet in the brain," McIntyre said, adding that he personally still feels threatened by remnants of Bulger's gang and plans to leave Massachusetts.

Hold up though, it's not a telling of his story as far as I know, it's a shallow rewrite of Infernal Affairs that just happens to land in Boston and fit with existing characters. However the upset continues:

Howie Carr, author of the "The Brothers Bulger", said that...it missed a few salient points in the Bulger story. He said in real life there were few if any redeeming characters...

...David Wheeler, whose father was shot and killed by a hitman on Bulger's orders in 1981, criticized the film for glossing over the government's involvement in Bulger's gang. "In my opinion it's a revisionist history that protects the guilty...I cannot see this movie. It would just be too painful."

Martin Scorcese does allude to the story relating in some way to the real life character, on the DVD documentary he says:

"In no way do we say that Francis Costello is patterned after Whitey Bulger. But let me put it this way: We felt comfortable in the character and in the situation because we know it to be true"

How do you feel about this? Is it encroaching on reality and people's lives, or is it just that the story written way over in Hong Kong (sorry my mistake again, thanks logboy) happens to partially match the real life one in it's new Boston location?



And then there is the Japanese Deaf society petitioning Babel...

They critizise it after getting the Oscar. How casual...

Oh, an error in your post. Infernal Affairs is a Chinese film (more specifically Hong Kong)...NOT KOREAN!!!!

Many people cried foul when the Oscar announcer said it was from JAPAN....

please correct!

I just did. Apologies for that, I should have known better since I've written enough about it and watched it a few times. My fast typing mistake.

Apologies Korea and Hong Kong, please don't start a petition anyone!


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