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The Flying Scotsman trailer online

TheFlyingScotsman.jpgTalking of excellent films I saw at the Edinburgh Film Festival last year that are just getting released, The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review). It's a superb film, incredibly touching and carries some excellent performances from Johnny Lee Miller, Billy Boyd and Brian Cox.

Wonderfully, and something that came as a huge surprise, Filmstalker has been given a quote on the New Zealand and possibly Australian poster for the film, pride of place, and I'll have a shot of that in a couple of days. If any readers down there spot it, feel free to drop me a note and let me know...especially if you grab a shot of it somewhere!

I was incredibly chuffed to receive that, and I had no idea it was coming, and what better film than The Flying Scotsman about the great Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree. You can't believe how excited and thoroughly flattered by that. Another great Filmstalker moment. Huge thanks to those who took the Filmstalker quote, I'm a very happy man.

Thanks to the unofficial site for the film for the details, and before I post a copy here you can see it over there on the front page.

Regardless of that, I decided way before that the film was superb, and you really should see it if you can. Here's the release schedule, and the Americanised trailer is right here too...

USA - 20 April 2007 (limited)
New Zealand - 26 April 2007
Italy - 2 June 2007
Australia - 26 July 2007

Honestly, it's a superb film and I urge you to read the review and then see the film, the cycling is the by-line, it's about people and drive and the struggle over the odds. Wonderful.



Dont tell me this already came out in the UK (apart from when it was screened in the EIFF last year) and I missed it again?

If you get a poster I'll get it framed for you, then it'll just have to go up on the office wall.

Well done you on the industry recognition!

I have to say I'm looking forward to this. I really enjoyed last year's "The World's Fastest Indian" and this looks like it falls along the same lines.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for this page. I had nothing to do with the picking of the quote, but I can say that your review was one of my favourites last year, partly because you obviously weren't keen to see it to start with, but were won round by Graeme's story and the work the cast and crew did to tell it.

I hope that we'll soon be able to tell you more about the plans for the theatrical release in the UK and other countries round the world.

I think the site is great, because it seems to be for people who love film, made by people who love film. As a film-maker, that's all I can ask.

(By the way, this comment does not commit you to liking my next film, whenever that is, in fact I expect and want you to be especially hard on it....)


Douglas Mackinnon
(Director, The Flying Scotsman)

Hey Lee, I'm working on getting one...we'll see! I still have to get you and your good wife your pressies!

Douglas, huge thanks for the comment and for visiting. You're right I really didn't want to go and see it, and my preconceptions were very negative.

You did an amazing job though, and gathered great talent as well. I'll be very keen in finding out about your next projects, and I promise I won't automatically like them!

Good luck with the general release, and if you want to pass on news, clips, goodies, or anything, feel free to do it through Filmstalker!

i'll hunt one down for your rich, or at least take some photos at my local cinema complex.

Question is: should i be in the shot or not? ;)

That's entirely up to you Pablo...Just make sure you don't obscure any of the poster...



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