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The Giver finally gets adapted

TheGiver.jpgThe Giver is a novel with an interesting premise that's been on the film production cards for some time. The option was bought and then never made into a film, however now it looks set to move forward according to Variety through Coming Soon.

The Newbery Award winner was written by Lois Lowry tells the story of a utopian future society that lives with suppressed emotions and to help them continue in their lives they have to find someone to bear the emotions of the others.

A twelve year old boy is chosen as his community's host, and he has to bear the emotional history of the others. Obviously he comes to realise that there's a huge price to pay for not feeling emotions, and he's going through it for the whole community, and at the same time learning all their secrets.

That does sound like an excellent story, and I migth well take a look at the novel myself. One thing I'm discovering as I write more about novels being adapted for film is the desire to read them before the adaptation, and this looks like one of these that I should really take a look at. Has anyone read the novel and can comment on the story?



One thing I'm discovering as I write more about novels being adapted for film is the desire to read them before the adaptation

I would never have read Perfume or have seen the film if it werent for your news about its adaptation. Now its one of my fave books!

So thanks for the heads up again for this one, it looks like it will be another interesting read!

This book was necessary reading in grade school. I don't remember exactly what happened, but for a school book, I remember it being pretty engaging. Hopefully, the utopian society translates well to the screen.

It shouldn't just be necessary reading in grade school. The story has so many adult themes that it could and should be read by anyone.

I'm excited about the news of the adaptation. I can only hope that it's picked up by someone who respects and picks up on the subtle messages of the novel.

I've never even heard of it, but the concept sounds fascinating.

this book is FANTASTIC!! i have read it many, many times.. now as a teacher, i get the great joy of sharing it with my students...

my only concern is that it gets tainted by the film.. more often than not, i find myself saying "the book was so much better..." there are key elements in the novel that i am interested in seeing how they translate into film...

i highly suggest reading the novel first.. it is a short, quick read..


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