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The Hoax and The Lookout gain great reviews

JosephGordon-Levitt.jpgBoth The Lookout and The Hoax are doing very well review wise at the moment.

The Lookout stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels and Isla Fisher, as well as a few other strong actors. Gordon-Levitt plays a guy who has had a serious car accident which has left him with a permanent mental disability. It's so bad that he has to write everything down to remember what he's doing, and he struggles with moments of complete extreme emotions. He has a job as a cleaner in the local Bank, and that's where he becomes involved in a Bank heist which doesn't exactly go as planned.

Currently over at Rotten Tomatoes it's carrying a strong 88%, and that's with sixteen reviews, fourteen of which have turned in positive reviews. When I first saw the trailer for this film I was taken, it looks a little quirky, noir-ish, stylish, and twisty film...all positive things.

Also, Rotten Tomatoes have the latest stats for The Hoax. This is the new film starring Richard Gere where he plays the part of Clifford Irving who sold a fake story to a top publishing house in the early 1970's. Not just any story though, but the biography of Howard Hughes no less. When I first saw the trailer I thought that Gere was returning to acting. It really looks like he's trying his best and pushing himself out of his comfort zone, a zone he's rested in and been "Gere" for such a long time. The film has a fair cast of really good actors, and is currently carrying 100%, okay it's only five reviews, but still, 100%!



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