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The Mist behind the scenes video

FrankDarabont.jpgFrank Darabont seems to make his film sets a fun place, and you can see for yourself with a video of behind the scenes on The Mist, the film of the Stephen King short story.

The scene we see looks pretty good, an earthquake in the shopping mall. I'm really curious to see how the film turns out in Darabont's hands. We're used to seeing him turn out the calmer King stories to film, so taking a full on horror such as this could be interesting.

What I do hope though is that we don't see another version of The Fog. No, I'm not making the comparison on the name, but the set pieces could be extremely similar. People get separated, mist rolls in, people get murdered, monsters revealed at end, heroes defeat. Mind you, saying that I think that's the basic premise for most scary films bad weather or not!

So it'll be good to see if Darabont does something different with this. You can see for yourself with the video hosted over at AITHJo Blo.



I actually read "The Mist" back in my junior high days and it stuck with me. It's pretty creepy. So when I saw the trailers last year (or whenever it was) for The Fog, I thought it was Stephen King's story. So I never saw The Fog when I found out it wasn't King's. But I bet it IS thesame damn story. I guess we'll see though.


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