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The Scarlet Avenger serial online

ScarletAvenger.jpgI've just watched The Scarlet Avenger on YouTube, a three part serial from Scott Clements. Now I know what you might think straight away, oh it's YouTube it must be rubbish, well I thought that too, until I watched it.

Scarlet Avenger is a throwback to the days of serial dramas like Flash Gordon and yet carries the plot of an Indiana Jones film, it's actually quite a funny little series which is well shot, acted well and nicely edited, although I would say that the third episode could do with a little more work.

I found myself laughing at characters, the setups and some of the one liners. Cheesy it may be, but it's deliberately so, and the humour is good. It's not too in your face, and it keeps the feel of the old serial.

If you want to see the three episodes, well you can do, they're right here.

The Scarlet Avenger

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Well done Scott, that's really pretty cool. I love the fisticuff scene. Do you think it's good?



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