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The Surrogates graphic novel adapted

TheSurrogates.jpgDisney has just bought the rights to a very interesting story, The Surrogates is a graphic novel that looks into the future when humans live in isolation and use surrogate robots to interact with other surrogate robots, all the while living apart and alone.

The novel was written by Robert Venditti, illustrated by Brett Weldele and is set to be adapted by Michael Ferris and John Brancato with Jonathan Mostow directing, interestingly this film team up last happened on the poor cousin of the Terminator films, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Does this bode ill for the film?

According to Variety through Coming Soon, Mostow is currently writing the superhero film Sub-Mariner, but I think this project sounds like it has much more potential.

There are a couple of questions hanging on this one though, are they going to go all nicey-nicey on the Disney route, are they going to go the same way as Terminator 3 and make it all glitz and show and dumb it down, or is it going to realise the potential it has with some serious looks into human interaction and society?

It does depend a lot on the original material, has anyone read this and can comment on how the graphic novel/comics have approached the story?



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