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TMNT hi-res clips online

TMNT_Leonardo_Poster.jpgThere are a few more clips of TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in full CGI online and these are superb quality compared to the previous grainy ones we've seen.

These clips really show the chracters and sets in their full CGI glory, and I think they are looking really good. You know I wasn't really caring for a new TMNT film, and I didn't care much for the last, but seeing some of these clips makes me think there might be more to it, and it looks like it might wipe the memory of the last from my mind.

You can see all the clips right here in their high resolution sparkle, a couple we've seen before in very low resolution, so these are a nice surprise...

Who Said I Want to be Led?

What Are You?

Going Down

Time is of the Essence

Much better. Isn't this looking good?



In the begining, I doubted TMNT would be any good but after seeing the previews and the clips, I'm totally pumped for it. Its reassuring to see that this animation is not taking the "kid-fied" direction. For once, its great to see a dark and edgy animated film.

I am afraid to see this movie because the animation look like a cinematic video game and i think is a bad choice made by the designers.

Saku39 the French Man


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