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Tobin Bell confirms Saw V

SawIII.jpgTobin Bell has confirmed the rumour that we had back in October of last year that there will be a Saw IV and V and that he will star in both.

Back then he admitted that he was signed for another two, and in the meantime no one was saying anything else until Saw IV appeared on the announcement list.

Now he's spoken at ShoWest and AICN through Bloody Disgusting have the rundown of what was said. He announced that Saw IV starts April 16th and that he will be back for both Saw IV and Saw V. He can't tell anyone how though, because he hasn't read the scripts yet.

The question remains is how, but I think we've pretty much nailed it in the comments from the earlier story. He will return, now that's guaranteed, but maybe not as we're used to seeing him...



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