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Tour de France comedy planned

TourDeFrance.jpgThe Tour de France is finally getting a film treatment, and cycling in general for that matter, in a new comedy called Tour de Frank.

The film will take a comic loook at the competitive world of bicycle racing according to Universal through Variety. Universal handed out US$800,000 against a US$1.5 million preemptive purchase of a pitch from Andrea King and Andy Marx.

Well done them, and finally a cycling film...well actually not. There was the horror Blood Trails (Filmstalker review) just recently which dabbled in Mountain Biking, and there was a film way back which I was convinced starred Michael O'Keefe from Caddyshack in it as a cyclist who no one was really supporting...am I getting films mixed up there? Can you think of more cycling films?



I am french and make a cycling film must be so stupid this sport is only appreciate by old people (grandfather...) the young people dont like this sport and in france we never made any cycling film or they don't go to the box office top.

ps: sorry for my english, i try to make the best of myself :s

No problem Saku39, my French is terrible! - glad to see you here.

I have to say I have friends who watch the racing fanatically, but then they are mad cyclists who go out for the entire day cycling.

Any more cycling films...? Are you kidding?

What about Breaking Away? Freaking great film.

And that miserable Kevin Costner movie, American Flyers...


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