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Transformers TV spots for download

Transformers_Still.jpgThere are two TV spots online for Transformers, and both give a little extra glimpse towards some of the robots, as well as plenty scenes of transformations just starting or finishing, and they look superb.

From Michael Bay's blog come the two zipped Quicktime files of the TV adverts. Transformers Hidden TV spot and Transformers Destiny TV Spot.

Both are very cool and carry an excellent sound effect. I am starting to get very, very excited by this film and I think the previous doubters are going to be blown away. Some new glimpses of the big names of Optimus Prime and Megatron in action, as well as some much smaller Transformers. Get watching, because I think these are almost better than the trailer. Still, there's that one corny line "get out of the helicopter or we will kill you"...



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