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UA bids for Coppola's latest film

FrancisFordCoppola.jpgFrancis Ford Coppola has been showing his new film Youth without Youth, adapted from the 1976 novel by Micea Eliade, to friends and individual distributors, and although interest has reportedly been mixed it looks like United Artists might be in the bidding process.

According to one executive who saw it said that it was...

...intellectually challenging and emotionally remote..

While another, according to Variety, said it was similar to an...

...arty Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Some like it and some didn't, but it seems that Cruise and Wagner are in talks to sign it up. Coppola used some of his own money from his winery to get this made, a film which stars Tim Roth as a seventy year old who is struck by lightning and suddenly gets younger and more brilliant. Here's how Variety finishes the film's description:

His quest: to understand the origin of language and consciousness. By movie's end, he and the love of his life (Alexandra Maria Lara) are literally speaking in tongues. Bruno Ganz also stars, and Matt Damon makes a cameo appearance.

Wow, okay, it does sound quite bizarre, speaking in tongues indeed. Mind you, it is Coppola, would that make you see the film whatever the plot? What a scoop for Damon too, appearing in a Coppola film.



Count me in! I am sure through the years like his wine he has aged to perfection.


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