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Wachowski's make Speed Racer green

SpeedRacer.jpgThere's a rumour going about that the Wachowski Brothers new film, Speed Racer, is going to be heavily CGI and not rely so much on the physical world, unlike their previous foray into car scenes in Matrix Reloaded.

The comment comes from someone who attended a seminar with the cinematographer John Mathieson, the man behind the look of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, who said that he was approached by the brothers to work on Speed Racer.

Apparently he declined and said that he would rather make a Kylie Minogue video than do an entire green screen film.

That comment seems pretty short sighted if you ask me, especially looking at the soon to be seen 300 (Filmstalker review) which is stunning.

Still, the comment comes from a source through AICN and it seems to back up comments we'll hear later today from Joel Silver who says that it is a heavy effects film.



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