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Wahlberg in talks for Shyamalan's Happening?

MarkWahlberg.jpgThis is another way early rumour, Mark Wahlberg has apparently been in talks to lead M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening.

The Happening was his script that wasn't being picked up by anyone until after a rewrite quick rewrite and it was snapped. It plans to be R rated and will tell how the planet begins to fight back against the infestation of humans and the harm and pollution they've caused.

The story comes from JoBlo who go into a bit of justification of why it could be true.

For me, if you look at some of the past casting that Shyamalan has done, Wahlberg could just fit. He's not the expected choice, and he's a strong screen presence like Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson, although not quite in the same league which also fits with where Shyamalan is right now.

Remember though, we're in really early days for the film so it's huge speculation, but could you see Wahlberg playing the part of a teacher fighting to save his family from the genocide the Earth is handing out?



I don't know about whether or not her fits the part, but it's good news for the project if he's considering it. The guy seems to have a way of picking interesting projects even if they do seem a little like retreads.

I actually think he can. Have always admired Wahlberg myself.


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