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War in Heaven comic adaptation

WarinHeaven.jpgWar in Heaven is a comic book that is still in development but is being touted as hot property, so hot the film rights have been in a bidding war this weekend.

The story of Lucifer leading an army of Angels in rebellion in Heaven, although most of the details are guarded, there will be battle sequences showing legions of Angels fighting.

Jeff Krelitz has created the comic book series with Tony Harris providing the artwork. The screenplay will be co-written by Craig Fernandez and Keith Giffen.

Sounds like this could be the next comic work to get adapted, or at least get purchased and put in line to be adapted.

The story from IESB does promise a huge story with some stunning visuals, and likewise from any film, it would be heavily CGI and have to carry a fair budget to carry it off don't you think?



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