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Warner confident Watson will not leave Potter

EmmaWatson.jpgConfused messages are coming about Emma Watson leaving the Harry Potter series. Now we're hearing that she may have signed up for them, and even then it's unclear exactly what is being said.

The story says the following before going back over the story to date:

Emma Watson, better known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, has signed up for the final two films despite rumours to the contrary.

According to a Warners spokesman the studio is "extremely confident that Emma will be back for films six and seven".

Now reading that the report from UK's Teletext you're likely to be a little confused too. It carries the headline "Watson denies Potter 'quit' rumours", which would suggest that Watson herself has actually said she's not leaving. Then it says that Watson has signed for the remaining two films. Finally it tells us that a WB spokesperson has said that the studio are confident she'll sign.

So which is it? Has she said she's staying? Has she signed? Or are these opening sections just to grab your attention to the real, and only supported statement, that WB have said they are hoping she'll stay and sign up? Looks like the latter to me, so we're still looking at Watson not having signed yet and there's a bit of an auction going on using the press.



Harry Potter = crap.

Ouch. I wouldn't say that the Harry Potter films are crap. I'll admit that the first two were underwhelming for me but the last few have been excellent and only getting better.

I'm not sure it would be such a big loss to see Watson go. I'll admit it wouldn't be quite the same but I think if they were really stuck, they could easily get away with a replacement.

It's not as if she's Harry Potter.


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