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Washington to direct and star in Tolson's Debaters

DenzelWashington.jpgFor some time now Denzel Washington has been working on his second directorial seat, and after years of possibility it seems it's about to start happening. His second term as a director will see the film The Great Debaters, about the true story of Mel Tolson, regarded as one of the great African American poets.

In the 1930's he was a professor at Wiley College in Texas where he inspired his students to form a debating team, the first for the college which was predominantly black. Amazingly for this first time team, they went onto defeat the Harvard team in the national championships.

Washington is set to star as Tolson and so he will be directing himself, I wonder how hard that really is? According to the story from Production Weekly through Rope of Silicon Columbus Short is in negotiations to star as one of the students.



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