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Watchmen's Rorschach in 300 trailer!

Rorshach.jpgThere are images from the upcoming Watchmen film online and hidden in the latest 300 uncut and extended trailer showing some darkened image of Rorshach himself. Much as Zack Snyder would rather be talking about 300 (Filmstalker review), he's still found time to sneak a test shot into the trailer.

I have the 300 trailer in the main story here, and at 1m 52s you can see an image of the Rorshach character standing above the camera in a darkened street.

The image was caught first by CHUD and then followed up by AICN.

Both stories carry the full image, CHUD have the capture from the trailer, but AICN have a hi-res image of the test shot which Snyder passed onto them, well worth a look. In the meantime, I have to make do with cropping and brightening the image into a nice small image above. Here's the trailer where you can see the image itself...

Oh lord! Something I just noticed about this new trailer, Lena Headey fans take note of 1m 37s in...Boy, this is a fully uncensored blood and guts trailer indeed. So here's a warning for those underage, this trailer is definitely adult only...




Richard u just made my weekend.

For the Watchmen or Headey? ;)

Damn, it looks impressive. I am beginning to think Watchmen can be a really decent movie, despite all my reservations.

Lena of course, Richard!! Unless she's the one behind the mask and raincoat..!!!!!!!!!! I'll stop b4 I get tooo perrvyyyyyy

Oh dear...you've got me laughing like a loon!

Well, thats two of us going into the weekend with a big smile on our faces.


You boys are cute!

Adults only? Would you believe there were two 3 year olds and one 5 year old sitting in the theater yesterday? To top it off, would you believe the 5 year old had a hand over his eyes during nudity, but he watched the rest of the movie without parental...ahem...censorship? My wife and I sat there in disbelief.

How did they get away with it?

Here in the U.S., there's no law against a parent taking a kid into an R-rated movie, no matter how young. I wouldn't want such a law, but good grief...show some common sense. The 5 year old was laughing after a decapitation. I couldn't see the others from where I was sitting.

Seriously Hap? No law, that's incredible. I thought that's why the MPAA were so strict for moments like this.

Oh my mistake, it's to protect everyone from nudity, anti-religious comments, and non-hetrosexual scenes. (That's heavy sarcasm by the way)

You'd have to really stretch some laws to make them apply to this situation. Ratings are guidelines for parents, not really laws, and as long as there's an adult there to accompany the child, they can go to R movies. About the only thing theaters do is attempt to prevent teens from getting into R and above movies.


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