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Update: Weaving to voice Transformers Megatron?

HugoWeaving.jpgHugo Weaving is apparently the voice of Megatron, not the man who voiced the cartoon version, Frank Welker. Well, that's the rumour anyway, and there's no source to confirm against so take it as you will.

Apparently Weaving had the better voice for the on screen version of the character, but the rumour goes on to say that Welker will voice a robot in the film series but not Megatron.

Frank Welker gave it his best, but voices change, and now mayhem maestro Michael Bay has decided to bring in Hugo Weaving to voice the leader of the decepticons.

That's the comment from IESB, but there's no confirmed source.

Whether it's true or not you have to admit that Weaving has a great voice for the character, and maybe Welker just doesn't match the big screen version of the character. After all they are two different films. What do you think of it, if it is true of course.

Here's a very quick update to the story, this looks like the confirmation from Michael Bay himself.

On his own blog Bay says the following confused message:

Sector 7's (password: NBETWO) Counter Information Campaign is reporting that "Operation Hungry Dragon 2 continues. As of today agent H. Weaving has officially convinced S.S., M.B., R.D and A.K. to oversee the Megaman issue. The recording will commence immediately."

Agent H. Weaving= Hugo Weaving.

S.S. = Steven Spielberg
M.B.= Michael Bay
R.O.= Roberto Orci
A.K.= Alex Kurtzman

He links to the Sector 7 site, the Government agency in the Transformers film, and he also provides the relevant password to see the information first hand. On his site he even has a blow up of the screen from that site, and from all accounts it looks like Weaving is confirmed as Megatron.



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