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Welling as third Teen Wolf?

TomWelling.jpgTom Welling, you know the young Superman on telly, is apparently about to make a pretty weird career choice and star in a new Teen Wolf film. Yes, apparently they're making another Teen Wolf film.

According to some hefty rumours, location scouts have been going round Canadian schools looking for prime locations (you did think I was going to say something else didn't you!), locations as in the school where Teen Wolf would be set.

The rumours come from Dark Horizons through Cinema Blend.

I just don't see Welling playing a teenager anymore, he's far too typecast at the moment, and I see him even less making a decision to appear in a a third Teen Wolf film, sure it worked for Michael J. Fox, but Jason Bateman was out in the cold for some time.

Do you think there's a need for another Teen Wolf film? Would it work? I can't see it myself, but perhaps you can, and with Welling in the lead?



There is only one Teen Wolf.

Michael J. Fox.


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