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Whedon tells his take on Wonder Woman

JossWhedon.jpgJoss Whedon has left the Wonder Woman film, we all know that, but in an interview online he reveals a little more about behind the scenes and he also reveals that his next project looks set to be strong.

In the interview he talks about his take on the Wonder Woman story and what he wanted the character and story to be, this apparently wasn't what the studio was looking for, and Whedon says he doesn't even know what they were after.

My take on the movie was simply the story of somebody who saw the world with fresh eyes. Somebody who saw that the Gods were still keeping us down, even though they might have changed their names or become companies. And the world is horribly out of balance and not as good as it should be.

It was sort of her journey to understanding what makes us the way we are, because she wants desperately to help and be a hero. It was basically her journey towards becoming a human being, without which no heroism is truly worthy. So it was about the ability to stand up and do the best you can, and to learn about the strength that comes out of weakness, which is what I often write about... but I'm not going to be writing about that anymore. I don't honestly know what turned the studio off. They never told me, so I can't say what you can expect to see should they make the movie, because I don't know what they're looking for.

IGN Comics have the four page interview which mainly talks about his comics and Buffy, until the very last two questions.

It's interesting that Whedon alludes to the issue that they may not have known what they wanted in the script, Joel Silver says something similar in an interview I wrote about earlier today. Are they really unsure what they are after for Wonder Woman? One day perhaps we'll get to see Whedon's script.

He also talks about his next project, Goners. He says he's rewriting it just now but that's about all he wants to tell us, to try and keep the surprise.



if they're not quite sure what they want from the Wonder Woman script then I think fans should be a little concerned. True it's still early in production but this strikes me as a bit odd.

I myself, love Wonder Woman and what she stands for... I love the story line that was given... I had been dreaming since for ever for the BIG SCREEN MOVIE, and who would make a great candidate for Wonder Woman... Can't top Lynda Carter thats for sure... there is no other Wonder Woman that could be pure beauty... I figured Xena (Luci Lawless) was the closet thing to WW only if she wasn't as annoying with her sounds and stubborness... Sandra Bullock... maybe but we could use someone younger, just incase there is sequels, and keep the same person for the character, unlike Batman movies... its worse than James Bond.


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