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Will Smith gets Cooked

WillSmith.jpgWill Smith is about to develop another man fights against adversity to make it tale, and again this one is based on reality. The story of Jeff Henderson is a strange one, he was a top San Diego cocaine dealer until he was imprisoned, there he discovered that he had a talent for cooking which he pursued to become a top Las Vegas chef, no mean feat as Gordon Ramsay would tell you.

The film will be very much based on the book that Henderson wrote about his own journey, Cooked. According to the story in AceShowbiz he's signed up to produce along with Columbia, and although there's a chance for him to star, there's no word yet if he actually will.

As long as these stories don't become too twee and focus closely on the reality of the stories I think it's great that we see them on the big screen, if nothing else they can be inspiring to others and touch someone else enough for them to have a go at their own journey don't you think?



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