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Win a place on the 300 DVD!

300.jpgWant to be one of the 300 Spartan's in the film 300 (Filmstalker review)? Well now you can, after a fashion anyway.

You can have your name on the bonus content of the DVD release of 300 and be introduced by Zack Snyder himself, or perhaps win a signed copy of the 300 The Art of the Film book, or copies of the 300 soundtrack.

Want to know how to win? It's easy, just head to the Be 1 of 300 site and show the filmmakers how strong the Spartan blood flows inside you and you could win. Of course it's not just that easy, there are certain things you have to do and they kindly show a few examples.

Write a blog about 300, host their media player, or just inspire them with what you've done to shout about 300. The closing date is the 2nd of April, so get working! Unfortunately I don't think I can enter Filmstalker!



Hey why not Richard?

Yeah, you certainly write about the film enough. ;p

It will be interesting if we get to see you wear the Spartan outfit!

Dave I do. You know why? It's superb and there's loads of great material coming out for it. If people are interested then I'll write about it...well just about!

Anyway, I can't enter - no commercial sites.


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