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Win free DVD and Game rental for three months

dvd.gifWell the birthday has come and gone and my weekend has been so busy with life and the site that I've not had a chance to start all the Birthday celebrations, so without further ado, here's the first competition I promised.

This is going to be open to UK residents only as all the studio and marketing led competitions we've done to date have been for US residents, so here's a chance for the UK only readers to get in on the action.

I have a few great prizes for the home cinema and gaming fans, for those people who love to watch films on DVD or on the PC, or for those who like renting games to play, I have vouchers for free rentals.

This competition is closed

First prize is a whole three months free and unlimited rental with perhaps the best value for money DVD rental company in the UK, Tesco DVD Rental. Then there are four further prizes for thirty days free with the largest DVD rental company in the UK, LOVEFiLM.

This competition is closed

Both services (since they are both actually LOVEFiLM) have the same terms and conditions. With the voucher you can have unlimited rentals in the time period that each offers with up to three DVD's at home at any one time.

After the vouchers run out you can continue with the service if you want, and you can even downgrade to cheaper deals with two or even one DVD at home at any one time.

Through a very strange quirk I'm actually running with both services myself, and I'd recommend either. They both have a great catalogue, fast and no quibbles service, and easy online usage. You can choose your rentals, put priorities on them, rate them to improve the recommendations engine, and even review them afterwards for other members to read.

One big bonus is that LOVEFiLM provides downloads to watch and game rental.

So if you'd like to win any of these great prizes, just answer this very easy question...

How many documentaries have I given five stars to in Film Reviews?

Find the answer and drop me an email to competition@filmstalker.co.uk with your name and full UK postal address. As always I'll keep your details in my private email system on my own PC and once the competition is over, I've picked the winners, and posted the prizes, I'll permanently delete them.

Get that right and you'll enter the running to win a whole three months of free DVD rental! Quick, you have until Sunday the 18th of March 2007 to enter...

This competition is closed



Uh-oh I know the answer!

Do they ship to the U.S.? :)

I already use LOVEFILM, will it affect my current accoount should I win?

Maybe it's time I cancel my account now then. Hihihihi

Oh dear, may I say to whoever has posted on the Loquax competition site what they think is the answer and how to enter the competition, you are wrong!

As a result a good fifty people have entered all with the wrong answer. It's not 37. Whoever has told you that hasn't even read the question!

Oh, and to the large family who sent me six entries from the same address, you obviously followed the daft person who posted on the competition site, you're all wrong.

To Steven and Wendy, you are so close!!

Keep trying!

I think I must send in my answer now!


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