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Witherspoon dumps Carnahan's Bunny Lake

ReeseWitherspoon.jpgReese Witherspoon has dropped out of the intriguing film from Joe Carnahan, Bunny Lake is Missing, extremely close to the start of shooting, leaving the production searching for a new lead as quickly as possible.

There are no reasons given, and no official explanation is forthcoming as yet, but you can imagine that Carnahan is none to happy. To make things more difficult both he and Witherspoon share the same management company.

According to the story from Variety through Jo Blo, Carnahan is off to new representation as well. It's all change.

White Jazz is just around the corner for Carnahan, and if this issue can't get resolved I could see the film being bumped until after Jazz is complete...and perhaps even longer after that.

The story is based on a novel of the same name by Marryam Modell writing as Evelyn Piper and the 1965 film by Otto Preminger.

It tells the story of a woman who reports that her young daughter is missing, but when the police arrive to investigate there is no evidence that she ever even existed. Pause, and all say "Wooooooo" in a slow rising tone.

Simple advice to Joe. Find someone better and make the film so that Witherspoon looks back and curses her choice.



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