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Wonder Woman casting rumours start again

CobieSmulders.jpgBack at the beginning of February Joss Whedon pointed out that the forerunner for his Wonder Woman would have been Cobie Smulders, although he was quite adamant that no casting had begun and he hadn't even thought of anyone as he was too busy writing the script and trying to work out what the studio wanted, the way too early rumours have started around the Internet again.

According to the rumour this time, Smulders is the favourite of Joel Silver too, even though Whedon has left the project and Silver has admitted that there is no script having bought the World War II script just to get it off the market.

It's all a bit of a mess and I'd be surprised if this rumour from filmick through Jo Blo is true and they had decided on an actress without a director, script or writers, it all seems a bit cart before the horse to me, especially as the comment was seemingly made as a joke to Whedon's final post on the matter.



You know...I feel like this movie is almost getting the Superman run around. On and off - director no director, script, no script. I'm bored. LoL
My desire....an unknown actress to play WW and not set in WW II. Yet, I don't want a modern setting either...so I'd like something in between. I enjoyed reading the comic about nine years ago and WW outfit/uniform was pretty cool too. =D

Silver says that it has taken him 7 years to get the Wonder Woman movie to the big screen. At this point, we could be waiting another 7 years. No director has come foward. Could it be that no one wants to make this movie? It's getting worst every day. The only news that we are hearing, is Casting rumors.And that Silver wants to get it done right. I was glad Whedon was dropped. But it appears that Silver had no back up plan. Who is running this show anyway? I think Warner's should drop Silver, get someone who knows what their doing, or just scrap the movie all together. This movie needs a woman's touch. There are alot of women directors out there. Very good one's. This would make alot of sence. And get Lynda Carter involved. She seems that she care's about the character. Why this has not happened, puzzels me. These casting rumor's are a joke. Cobie Smulders? Please. You were right, it was Whedon with his sour grapes farewell. It's safe to say Joss was a Dick. Thanks buddy. A real class act. Good luck on Gonner. It's a perfect title for your next movie. Bet you that it won't take you 2 years to come up with a script. If I sound pissed, you bet ya. At this rate that this is unfolding, can you say 2012? Some of the casting rumors have not been born yet. Or maybe not out of grade school. Wonder Woman fans deserve better. Nadia Bjorlin is still out there. She wants the role. Shit or get off the pot.


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