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Wright Penn and Keener join Levinson film

RobinWrightPenn.jpgCatherine Keener and Robin Wright Penn have signed up to Barry Levinson's What Just Happened?, a comedy about a Hollywood Producer who is desperately trying to survive the backstabbing of Hollywood while struggling to keep his marriage together. The screenplay is by Art Linson who has based it on some of his own experiences in Hollywood from his own novel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Robert De Niro is set to play the Producer, Keener will play the head of the studio that the Producer is desperately trying to get on board, and Penn will play the Producer's ex-wife. We already heard about the big casting of Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and Kristen Stewart co-star with Bruce Willis and Sean Penn taking small cameo roles as themselves.

Sounds like a strong cast already, and an interesting story. I'm a big fan of Tucci, Keener and Penn, and the latter two not just because they are gorgeous! The cast and Director do suggest a pretty strong film.



Been meaning to ask you Richard, did you get the chance to see De Niro in King of Comedy?

Then you might want to add it to your remtal queue, it will be refreshing to watch De Niro play really good comedy and not like the ones with Meet the Parents (which personally I dont really have a problem with).


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