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Wristcutter adverts, really that bad?

Wristcutters-Advert.jpgWe already heard that the advert for Wristcutters: A Love Story was causing some stir, well now we can see why. The image shown could well be one of the posters intended for the advertising campaign.

The poster shows a cartoon style slashed wrist, much like I said I would have expected them to look, and it seems perfectly harmless. Well, it does seem that way. However I can understand why some people are concerned. People who are troubled and may be contemplating suicide could well be at a very susceptible point in their lives, and they do read hidden meanings into things.

This poster doesn't feature the "do not" cross arrow that we heard of before and it doesn't look like "don't do this" rather than "...up ahead". It is also showing love in the form of blood coming from the act of suicide. If you want to see it in more detail and aren't going to kill yourself, Rope of Silicon from MyMarketingSpace.

Yes, I know I am reading loads into it, but we are pretty stable people (well it depends on the day for me at the moment) and we don't go around creating hidden meanings, being slightly paranoid and over analytical, while at the same time harbouring thoughts of ending it all and getting away from the pain.

No though, I don't think this is going to cause any suicides, but I do think it could be distressing for some people who are in that place and see this kind of sign, and how small a minority are they? I would have been happier if the cross was through it like a "don't do this". I guess we can be glad that it is so cartoony and that it's not the way to kill yourself either. Either way it's not really that bad...is it?

Anybody else see this, or is it me just being over sensitive to others needs?



I completely agree with you, Richard. I rather like the poster, but I even I can see pass my dark humor enough to see why this could concern some people. I still wouldn't mind a copy of the poster myself, but it might not be wholely responsible to use as promotion material.

I say with things like this, never underestimate the effect it will have on anybody who sees it. As you already mentioneed, not everybody has a stable mental disposition so better not be made responsible for anything that will inadvertently drive these ones into doing such an act based on a poster.

I like it, I really means alot to the movie...and Ive be on the side where I have tried to kill myself, but this does not bother me. The movie was one of the best movies I have ever seen.


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