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Wristcutters promotes advertising controversy

Wristcutters.jpgAfter Dark Films are courting controversy once again over their advert campaigns. This time it's before the adverts have even gone out, so they're earning their money before they've even printed a poster.

Previously we heard that an ad campaign for Captivity was withdrawn because people were finding the images of women in peril quite upsetting. Men okay, but no women, babies or puppies please. Then we were told it was a printing mistake, and no one accepted that it was a superb move that managed to get plenty of press attention to a film that was coming out quite quietly.

Now the ad campaign is for Wristcutters: A Love Story, and is hitting the news before they've even printed a poster.

The campaign is planning to show images of people committing suicide. Now, don't get too upset straight away, the images are planned to be in traffic or road sign style, you know like a cartoon man walking across the road with a big cross symbol across them to say don't do this.

Seems okay to me, but groups are protesting (aren't they always) and Courtney Solomon, the co-owner of After Dark Films, is offering screenings or DVD's to the concerned organisations in order for them to understand the source material which delivers the message that suicide is not the option, and love is far better.

"You don't see people making fun of other causes of death, but you see it with suicide and mental illness," suicide prevention foundation executive director Robert Gebbia said.

In a quote from the article over at The Hollywood Reporter it shows that Gebbia hasn't really watched many films then, death is probably one of the most comic targets in film.

However amongst all the complaints there has to be some common sense, well elsewhere in the world perhaps. A cartoon sign saying don't kill yourself is perhaps not going to sway anyone contemplating suicide, and if it really was then wouldn't it sway them in the opposite direction? I've seen more distressing adverts on TV for various forms of abuse than I have for this signage.



I don't know about "Wristcutters", but did you get a look at the billboards for "Captivity"? Definitely not something that should be plastered all over the place. At least one of the shots was pretty gruesome IMHO.



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