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Zombie talks Halloween changes

Halloween.jpgHalloween. There's been some bad talk since the script review on both sides of the fence, critics versus Rob Zombie, and yet the critic in question over at AICN stands by his negative but very constructive comments on the story, Zombie however was mad.

It seems mad enough to go back and fix some of the wrongs, for now we hear that quite a few of the issues that were picked up in the first script review have been addressed, including that of Myers going round and talking at every killing. Now he's been made silent, when he dons the mask that is.

Okay, so the cheese factor has been dropped, I still think this is a bad idea, as bad as remaking any John Carpenter classic, just look to The Fog. However there are people who are warming to this and despite the news that Zombie is dropping the Carpenter classic soundtrack, there is still a lot of positivity to be had.

Not from me though. I'll be proved wrong when I see the film and not before, in the meantime it's a bad idea, I don't believe that Zombie has the same abilities as Carpenter, and I just see this coming out as another slasher film with raging music and raging camera work.

You can see an interview over at MT-can't get anything if you're not in the US-V with Rob Zombie where he not only talks about the film but he also takes you on a tour of the set. The story comes courtesy of the horrific guys at HorrorMovies.ca.



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